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The design of your business website is one of the most vital components of increasing your online presence. A properly designed website needs to be structured properly while bringing your business to life! The proper structure of any website has internal search engine optimization components. As well as being inviting and easy to navigate. Doing these things will give your website users a great experience while letting your brand be expressed!

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Website Design Platforms


WordPress is the most known software for web design. Offering the most versatility and customization of any web development platform. With constant additions of new plug-ins WordPress is always reinventing the wheel when it comes to website design and accessibility.


Wix is a very popular alternative to WordPress. Offering a very user friendly design interface that makes web design accessible for just about anyone who understands computer and technology basics. This is recommended for clients who wish to maintain all aspects of their website on their own with a very small learning curve. 

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