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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to boost your business. Using these ad services through tech giants like Google and Facebook allows you to reach customers like never before in the history of advertising! Don’t miss out on fitting PPC ads into your business’s budget. Your return on investment will well be worth it. 

Advanced Customer Targeting

Ads That Work

Choosing PPC can seem like a huge risk when you are unsure how it works, and that’s okay! BE digital uses special tools to track your business’s progress to ensure we are on track for your end goal. Our team also uses top of the line competitor research tools to keep your business on par with your competitor. Once we add our specialized customer targeting, you will need to hire more employees!


Everyone who uses the internet knows Google. Running Google Ads can get your business front and center of your customer base with the proper budget quickly. This is great in general, but especially good for businesses who need leads now and don’t have the time to wait for organic website rankings.

Social Media

Social media ads also fall under pay-per-click advertising. This usually means running ads on Facebook and Instagram. However, you can also use similar tools to run ads through Twitter and Youtube. These types of ads work differently than Google Ads but will help build your business just as well!

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Want to learn these skills for yourself? BE Digital offers digital consulting for your business to learn these skills. We can train one-on-one or even entire departments.

Web Design​

It's important for every company to have an online presence. Too often companies attempt to do web design with no underlying knowledge of how digital marketing works best. BE Digital can design your website for you.


Search Engine Optimization is a phrase so many people have grown to hate for its complicated nature. It's important to rank for your industry-specific keywords. BE digital is the expert, so you don't have to be. ​

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