Meet Our Team

Andrew Brazis

Founder, Owner & Operator

Madison Eshelman

Founder & Partner

Joseph Troop

Growth Representive

About Andrew

I am a business and marketing professional who started his entrepreneurial journey in late 2018. Marketing wasn’t my first career; I’ve spent 7+ years in the restaurant industry holding every position imaginable, from dishwasher to head chef. I also have an HVAC degree and 5+ years in residential and commercial construction. I’ve worked in multiple manufacturing environments and have held positions such as team lead, supervisor, machinist, and R & D specialist. My greatest passion is helping owners and individuals navigate life, business, and marketing. If I’m not working, you can find me recording content for my YouTube channel, hitting the gym, cooking, and hanging out with my cat!

About Madison

“I am the owner of Groundwork Coaching & Co-Owner of Self Seeking. I am passionate about working with individuals in the mental health space because of my own experience navigating my personal mental health. I felt so dissatisfied with my therapy experiences and once I figured out what worked for me and better understood neuroscience, I wanted to share it with everyone. Everyone deserves to feel empowered with their mental health. I help individuals get to the root of their painful patterns so that they actually feel their own power. “

About Joseph

I am a motivated individual who is always seeking to learn and grow. I desire the opportunity to maximize my potential and deepen my understanding of business operations. I’m dedicated to the perpetual pursuits of creativity and I love process development and finding efficiencies.